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How to correctly use car charger? Date:2015-08-12


Car charger sputters car cigarette lighter as a power outlet for charging the mobile phone directly,Due to the low car provided by the voltage,so the car charger inside you just need to have overload protection circuit,The front end of the car charger socket design has an insurance tube,when the current exceeds overload protection circuit can withstand range,fuse fusing immediately protect,About the car charger,and the following considerations: 

1. Must be in the car engine starting to charge.

2. Don't use car charger in the humid environment.

3. Don't put the car charger stored in damp environment.

4. Use the appropriate temperature of 0-45℃.

5. Stay away from the chidren.

6. To aviod lightning atrike.

7. All the electricity to pull out the plug in a timely manner.


Some high-end car charger generally includes two USB ports,can charge the battery for two digital products at the same time,This kind of products is generally has the overload protection,shrot circuit protection,high voltage input protection,high temperature protection,four heavy security protection function,can ensure safe use,Car charger in the car at the same time,can also be come,car charger,direct charger,USB charger as one multi-functional purposes.


For security reasons,must choose normal brand and buy the real thing,inferior products easily happened safe hidden trouble.

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