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The choice of the AC adapter Date:2015-08-25


Questions about the selection of the AC adapter, when consumers want to buy AC adapter, how should choose? First of all. the AC adapter interface and equipment matching, It's question of common sense, doesnot match the interface is bound can't use.second , the output voltage must be consistent with the rated input voltage of the mobile device, or within the acceptable voltage range of the device,otherwise may be buring equipment, About this, why should the voltage cansisitant? that's because the voltage is not enough to drive load, equipment can't normal charge. Finally,the ouput current of the AC adapter at least equal to that of the current equipment, In order to provide enough power, On this point, many people know the AC adapter is internal resisitance,and the gearter the resistance, the loss is bigger, the corresponding manufacturers in the production of AC adapter commonly so, will be adjusted according to the size of the internal resisrance od the AC adapter. The nominal value, the greater the general current shows that the better the performance of the AC adapter, so generally choose current is slightly large than the adapter, will not damage the rquipment, they still can make faster charging.

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