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Analysis of the AC adapter basic authentication and requirements Date:2015-08-26


AC adapter certification requirements,this is every consumer to pay attention to, we buy power adapter,first will choose safe and reliable, the second will only consider the appearence,So we choose the safe and reliable AC adapter based on what is it? It must be the power product certification, In general,a product of certification program,the more the quality of the conrresponding power adapter can be guaranteed. 


First of all,let's talk about the domestic sales of formal AC adapter ,AC adapter in the domestic sales,is must pass through the 3C certification,what is the 3C certification?Full name of China compulsory product certification,referred to as"CCC or 3C",domestic generally do morr GB4943,and it's corresponding is usually the IT product,the other is GB8898,corresponding is AV products,they marked on the adapter plate are generally CCC,second home and there's kind of electrical appliances class certification,this certification we call CQC certification.


When our adapters are exported to overseas markets,is also important to other certification,we first said the US market,we know that the UL certification,it is currently one of the most demanding certification,at the same time its certification fee is also the most expensive,as well as a certification,FCC this is also one of the certification.Products sold in Euro,are generally want to live a CE certification,relative to the certification,general may be familiar with,through the CE certification of products can be all over Eurpo again,in the European market,the importance of the CE certification is equivalent to the importance of UL in the United States, want to the sale of the power adapter in Europe,must through the CE certification.


There are such as Australian SAA,C-TICK over there such as certification,Japan PSE certification,etc;so,the more of a product certification,so the product the more reliable is reasonable,Shenzhen SOY technology,products have been sold to overseas markets around the world,products have been through the national certification is quite comprehensive ,as the same time,we have first-class after-sales service,reasonable prices,to buy power supply,please look for the Shenzhen SOY technology 0the best AC adapter manufacturer in Shenzhen.

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