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  • Name: DC 12V-48V Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Model: SOY 266 300W

  • Specification
    Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Output: 300W max, DC 12V 25A, 15V 20A, 24V 12.5A, 30V 10A, 36V 8.3A, 45V 6.7A, 48V 6.3A... 
    PFC: >99%
    Efficiency: ≥92%
    Work Temperature: -40-+65℃
    Size: 169*92*37mm

    Single phase*range: 85VAC to 264VAC.
    High efficiency, r
    educe operating cost.
    Small output ripple 10mVp-p.
    Low noise: ≤6DB, EN55032 Class B Standard.

    The high ratio of output performance.
    Completed protect function.

    Energy Level 5 or 6 to meet market.

    DCM's PFC + LLC resonant half-bridge + synchronous rectification solution, so that the efficiency of the product greatly improved, can achieve 92% efficiency.
  • In addition, the EMC performance of the product is very good, lower than the standard EN55032 6 DB above, the output ripple noise is also very small, can reach 0.5% of the standard.
    The selected IC is the international first-line brand: ST, L6562 + L6599 + NXP TEA1791AT