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5V3A Interchangeable Power Adapter
5V3A Interchangeable Power Adapter

5V3A Interchangeable Power Adapter

Product model: SOY-0500300-090
● Product brand: SOY 
● Product name: 5V3A Interchangeable Power Adapter
● Output voltage: 5V 
● Output current: 3A 
● Input voltage: 100-240V AC 
● Operating frequency: 50-60Hz 
● Product size: 58.9 * 40.5 * 25.5mm 
● No-load standby power consumption: 0.1W 
● Certification: passed CB, UL62368, PSE, KC, CE, FCC
Product description
Product Details

Product information
● Product model: SOY-0500300-090
● Product brand: SOY
● Product name: 5V3A Interchangeable Power Adapter
● Output voltage: 5V
● Output current: 3A
● Input voltage: 100-240V AC
● Operating frequency: 50-60Hz
● Product size: 58.9 * 40.5 * 25.5mm
● No-load standby power consumption: 0.1W
● Certification: passed CB, UL62368, PSE, KC, CE, FCC

Product reliability
● Product protection: 5V3A interchangeable power adapter with built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, overtemperature protection circuit
● Working temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃, full load, normal operation
● Working humidity: 5% (0 ℃ ) ~ 95% (40 ℃), 72 hours, full load, normal work.
● Drop test: Take the complete product as a sample, it should be implemented three times, and it should be dropped on the surface of hardwood at 100cm height, free fall on the 20mm thick planks, allowed the appearance of wear and tear but can not have cracks, input plug is not loose, crooked, various functions were normal.
● insulation resistance: in 5V3A available for head and power adapter AC input DC500V insulation between the input DC output impedance is greater than 50M
● product temperature: nominal rated input and a load test surface temperature, surface temperature of the housing safety standards
● aging products: at least a product to be in an environment of 40 ℃ ± 5 ℃ and 100 2 hours at rated load
● Estimation of mean interval failure time: mean time between failures: 50,000 hours at 25 ° C environment and under rated input and full load conditions

Product ApplicationProducts are
widely used in home appliances / beauty equipment / mobile equipment / set-top boxes / POS machines / CCTV / LED / network equipment ...


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