Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Electric car charger

Electric car charger

Shenzhen SOY is specializing in RD, manufacturing and marketing of power supply products, which is a Power adapter manufacturer focus on power adapter including ac dc power adapter,Electric car charger and other switching power adapters.
Product description
Product Details
Electric car charger 512W
Specification data
Rated input voltage

100-240 Vac

AC input voltage range 90-280 Vac
Output power 512 W
Output voltage range 15-64 Vac
Rated output voltage 64 Vdc
Output current 8 A
Input current max 7.5 A
Power Factor Correction with PFC funtion
Power factor ≥0.99
Product efficiency ≥92%
Start time 8 s
Standby power consumption

≤1 W

Ripple 2000mV
Size 179 x 135 x 38 mm
Lead-time: 30-35 days after the order be confirmed, 35-40 days for the first order.
Application: communication devices

Packaging, transportation, storage
1. Packing method: The rectifier modules are packaged and shipped separately.
2. Transport: It is suitable for transportation by car, ship, and airplane. During transportation, it should be covered with sun protection and civilized loading and unloading.
3. Storage: The product should be stored in the packing box when not in use. The warehouse ambient temperature is -40℃~+70℃, and the relative humidity is 5%-95%. No harmful gases, flammable, explosive products and corrosive chemicals are allowed inside, and there is no strong mechanical vibration, shock or strong magnetism. The packing box should be at least 20cm above the ground and at least 50cm away from the wall, heat source, window or air inlet. Under the specified conditions. The storage period is generally 2 years, and the inspection should be re inspected after more than 2 years.

Reliability requirements
1. MTBF: (standards, ambient temperature, load requirements) in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications YD/T682-94 for superior products of communication rectification equipment. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) ≥ 50,000 h. The product has to withstand overload, overheating, to change the external environment such as sudden voltage changes.

2. Component selection: components should be selected from famous brand manufacturers with stable quality, and the electrical stress and temperature stress of the components should be adjusted.Derating appropriately, anti-transient design for key components to ensure the reliability of components.

3. Thermal design: The system adopts forced air cooling and a reasonable layout inside the module to reduce the temperature rise of components.

4. Environment-resistant design: The product has strong environmental adaptability, and the temperature and humidity can basically meet the storage requirements of all regions in the country (-20~50℃), the use requirements under simple protection conditions (-20-50℃), can meet the storage and use requirements from cold climate to hot and humid climate.

5. Immunity to electromagnetic environment: Fully consider the complexity of the power grid, improve the product's resistance to electromagnetic environment interference, and make reasonable use of it in the design, use shielding, grounding, transient protection and other design methods to improve the anti-interference ability.


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