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Smart switch cabinet power supply
Smart switch cabinet power supply
Smart switch cabinet power supply
Smart switch cabinet power supply

Smart switch cabinet power supply

Shenzhen SOY is specializing in RD, manufacturing and marketing of power supply products, which is a Power adapter manufacturer focus on power adapter including ac dc power adapter, Smart switch cabinet power supply and other switching power adapters.
Product description
Product Details
Smart switch cabinet power supply 
The Innovation Award of Shenzhen SOY
Electric cabinet power
8 parts for charging station
This integrated high-power centralized charger system is mainly composed of 8 parts: input protection , Leakage protection, remote release, electricity metering, AC/DC, DC charging module, DC/DC power supply and DC/DC backup power supply.
Input protection: Input should have input surge protection device
Leakage protection: The AC input of the switch cabinet has a leakage circuit breaker, which automatically breaks when the equipment leaks or the human body touches the AC circuit. The rated current of the leakage circuit breaker is 40A, the trip type is Class C, and the trip current is less than or equal to 30mA.
Remote tripping device: used for the system to remotely control the tripping of the circuit breaker, and the resetting of the circuit breaker is completed manually.
Power failure detection: AC input should have input power failure detection function, the detection signal is dry contact output, when the input AC voltage is in the normal power supply range, the power supply OK signal is output (node ​​closed), and it can be output when the input voltage is interrupted or out of the normal range Power Fail signal (node ​​is disconnected).
AC/DC module: The AC/DC power supply should have an RS485 interface to transmit the instantaneous active power of the AC/DC module, instantaneous AC voltage, AC current, and temperature in the module.
DC charging module: The DC/DC charging power supply is controlled by the RS485 interface to realize the charging function of the lithium battery. The charging power is turned off/on, the battery charging voltage and current can be set by parameters, and the charging data (current output voltage and current) and status can be read in real time.
DC/DC power supply: The charger is separately equipped with a 300W/12V output DC/DC switching power supply to power the device.
DC/DC backup power supply:
1. The backup power supply should have automatic path management function. When the input power is normal, the input power will supply power to the load via the DC/DC power supply, and the battery will supply power to the load when the mains power is off;
2. The backup power supply should have a three-stage charging mode: pre-charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and can be connected to 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries. The specific parameters of the battery are set by the controller through the communication interface.
Specification data
Rated input voltage AC 220V
Working input voltage AC 176~264V
Input frequency 50-60 Hz
Output power 3000W max

53.5V 9.8A x 12 pcs 12V5A x 1 pcs 12V25A x 1 pcs  In total: AC/DC 3000w 

Power factor 0.99
Product efficiency ≥92 %
Voltage accuracy 10%
Ripple 500mV
Size 360 x 437 x 155 mm

Lead-time: 30-35 days after the order be confirmed, 35-40 days for the first order.
Application: communication devices


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